Past Winners

Our Queensland Fathers of the Year are all so-called ordinary men who are extraordinary in the eyes of their loved ones and their community. 

Darin Browne

2018 Queensland Father of the Year

Darin Browne is a father of three daughters, and grandfather of one, who has dedicated his life to helping those less fortunate. Whether in his full-time profession as a behavioural optometrist helping children with learning difficulties thrive, as a foster parent for more than 25 years, or as one of the founding couples of Lily House for women and children fleeing domestic violence, Darin gives all he can. But it’s seeing the unconditional love he’s shown his daughters now being shared with others that fills his heart the most.

Regional Winners

2018 BrisbaneRegional Winner: Peter Beardmore

2018 Central Queensland Regional Winner: Andrew King

2018 Sunshine Coast / Wide Bay Regional Winner: Darin Browne

2018 Southern Queensland Regional Winner: Kenton Poole

Jeremy Lange

2017 Queensland Father of the Year

Selfless, hard-working and positive – that’s 32-year old mining electrician from Mackay, Jeremy Lange.

Growing up without a positive male role model, Jeremy’s passion and dedication to his twins, Lachlan and Seth – who were diagnosed with autism at two years of age – is an inspiration to all who meet him. As a young, single dad, Jeremy shouldered the responsibility of overseeing his sons’ development, which included extensive occupational and speech therapy. He’s also actively involved in Mackay’s autism community.

In 2012 Jeremy met wife Rebecca, who describes him as a ‘super dad’ and her rock. In 2016 they welcomed baby Hugh into their happy, healthy and growing family.

Regional Winners

2017 North Queensland Regional Winner: Murray Walmsley

2017 South East Queensland Regional Winner: Larry Green

2017 Bribsane Regional Winner: David Harvey

2017 Central Queensland Regional Winner: Jeremy Lange

2017 Sunshine Coast / Wide BayRegional Winner: John Dillon

2017 Southern Queensland Father of the Year: John McClure

Gary Prior

2016 Queensland Father of the Year

Artist, role model, father of seven children and foster father to four more, Juru man Gary Prior is passionate about educating his children about their culture, while also teaching them the virtues of humility, strength and purpose. Motivated to help young indigenous people, Gary teaches culture in schools through art, building bridges and closing gaps between indigenous and non-indigenous people. He actively serves his community across a wide range of initiatives, including mentoring young men who have come out of Juvenile Detention to help them successfully transition back into society.

Regional Winners

2016 Southern Queensland Regional Winner: Tony Stubbings

2016 Sunshine Coast / Wide Bay Regional Winner: Robby Peters

2016 Brisbane South Regional Winner: John Mansfield

2016 South East Queensland Regional Winner: Bob Engwicht

2016 North & Central Queensland Regional Winner: Gary Prior

Ben Tullipan

2015 Queensland Father of the Year

Australia’s worst injured survivor of the 2002 Bali Bombing, Ben Tullipan, lost both of his legs and sustained significant burns to 63% of his body. Despite being just five metres from the van which housed the bomb, Ben survived, even after medical professionals initially believed he was too injured to survive.

Eager to rehabilitate, Ben began to play golf which helped develop his balance, co-ordination and stability, all skills he would need to regain his independence. Never one to focus on himself, Ben soon began volunteering with the Queensland Amputee Golf Association. It was not long before Ben was President of the association. In this role, he has worked tirelessly to encourage and motivate fellow amputees, many of whom are also fathers, to regain their self-worth and build friendships with one another.

While Ben’s passion for helping others is evident, his greatest passion in life is his family. He is an active and caring father to his two children. Wife, Kerrie, will attest that he is a prominent part of his children’s lives; driving them to school and after-school sports; walking them to class; attending awards ceremonies and sports carnivals; and being their biggest supporters.

Regional Winners

2015 Southern Queensland Regional Winner: Graham Andrews

2015 Sunshine Coast / Wide Bay Regional Winner: Robbie Radel

2015 Brisbane South Queensland  Regional Winner: Ron Longhurst

2015 South East Queensland  Regional Winner: Ben Tullipan

2015 Central Queensland Regional Winner: Stephen Gellatly

2015 North Queensland Regional Winner: Andrew Holden

Andrew Butwell

2014 Queensland Father of the Year

ather of four, Andrew Butwell, was left a paraplegic after an alleged assault in November 2006. Despite this dreadful situation, Andrew continued in his fatherly duties. Acting as a single parent, he had the full responsibility of running the home and nurturing his children. Within six months of his assault, Andrew returned to part-time work, and was back working fulltime 12 months after his injuries. In 2012, he earned his Masters of Mental Health Nursing.

Regional Winners

2014 Sunshine Coast & Wide Bay  Regional Winner:Darren Geissler

2014 Southern Queensland Regional Winner: Peter Beasley

2014 Gold Coast & Logan Regional Winner: Damien Hobson

2014 Northern Queensland Regional Winner: Murray Pearce

2014 Central Queensland Regional Winner: Kelly Major

2014 Metro South Regional Winner:Greg Johnson

2014 Metro North Regional Winner: Andrew Butwell


The aim of the award is to recognise the significant role fathers play in their children’s well-being and development and to raise awareness of the value of fathers in the family and the community.

It identifies and honours outstanding fathers for their exceptional commitment to raising their children or for their exemplary contribution to the development of children in the community.


2018 Queensland Father of the Year

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