2012 Winners

[heading]The Queensland Father of the Year for 2012 is:[/heading]



Queensland Father of the Year 2012, Mark Cummins
Mark has 8 children, between 15 and 32, two of whom suffer from cystic fibrosis. Five years ago, Mark became a single dad, but his children say he’s always made them feel like they’re a family, in it together.

Mark runs a successful landscaping business, and every day comes home to cook dinner, care for the two kids who suffer from CF, and look after the household.

Both children suffering from CF require two to three hours of physio and treatment each day, and there can never be a day off.

Everyone who knows him says that Mark always puts his children first, and the closeness and warmth of the family is testament to his selfless example.

Mark’s children have a strong sporting connection, involved in rugby and touch footy competitions on a national level.

Mark lives by the philosophy that every day is a new day, with a new set of challenges. “The sun comes up every morning”, he says, and life needs to be faced head-on.

Congratulations to Mark, a truly worthy winner of the title “Queensland Father of the Year”!


Andrew Clarke and Dale Dowler

We would also like to congratulate Andrew Clarke and Dale Dowler, our 2012 finalists.